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Lecture at Institut für Musikwissenschaft Leipzig, Jan 20, 2020. 5.15 p.m.


ARRAY2019. Agency, Magazine of the Internat. Computer Music Association ICMA,
edited by Rama Gottfried and Miriam Akkermann, 2019,
DOI: dx.doi.org/10.25532/OPARA-46.

„Perspektiven Wechseln“, Calender 2020, edited by Philipp Kanske and Miriam Akkermann,
Thorbecke 2019


June 5, 2020, Ausland, Berlin: Concert with Eunice Martins, Nika Radic, Corin Arnold and Miriam Akkermann


Project Janek/Akkermann

Miriam Akkermann, flute/live electronics, and Klaus Janek, double bass/live electronics,
startet working together in 2009 and now launch their first electronic performance
Our CD "The Tartini" is now ready and released at creative source!

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